• Turkish Copper Sand Coffee Machine Coffee Maker with 2 Coffee Pots and 250gr Turkish Coffee

Turkish Copper Sand Coffee Machine Coffee Maker with 2 Coffee Pots and 250gr Turkish Coffee

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Chassis :

1mm Galvanized & Dkp Sheet


Product Outer Body:

It creates a beautiful appearance thanks to special copper processing.


Product Upper Body:

304 Chrome Stainless


Machine Weight : 3 kg

Sand Weight : 2 kg

Package Weight : 6 kg


The device works with 110-240 Volt ~ 50-60 Hz electricity




The temperature thermostat setting of the coffee coffee maker can be adjusted between 50-300 degrees.

It takes 20-30 minutes to warm up the coffee to the degree of coffee baking.

The coffee-baking machine on the sand is suitable for professional use at work places and cafes.

The baking time on the sand is 2-5 minutes.


How to make Turkish coffee on the sand-coffee machine ?

1. Turn on the heating system.The machine reaches a temperature value in 20 minutes.

2. Measure the amount of cold water you will need.

3. Place the coffee pot on the sand after the sand heated.

4. Add about 1-2 heaping tea spoons (or 1 tablespoon) of coffee per demitasse cup (3 oz). Do not stir it yet.

Just let the coffee "float" on the surface because if you stir it now you might cause it to clump up.

5. Add sugar to taste. Do not stir it yet, Let the water warm up little bit as above.

7. When the coffee starts to sink into the water and the water is warm enough to dissolve your sugar, stir it several times and then turn down the heat to low.

You should stir it several times, up until your brew starts to foam (you can also vigorously move your spoon side to side to encourage to start the foaming).

8. When you see the bubble "ring" forming on the surface, turn down the heat a little bit more or move your pot away from the heat source.

Pay attention to the bubbles that are forming at this stage. Bubbles should be very small in size.

9. From this point on watch your coffee carefully. Do not let the temperature get hot enough to start boiling.

The key idea here is to let the coffee build a thick froth and that occurs approximately around 158 F or 70 C

10. Keep it at the "foaming" stage as long as you can without letting it come to a boil. You might even gently stir your brew a little bit at this stage.

The more froth, the better it will taste. Also your coffee must be fresh or it will not foam as well.

If your brew gets too hot and begins to "rise", then move it away from the heat or just turn it down. You are almost done.

Repeat this process until your foam has "raised" and "cooled" at the most couple of times (NOT 3-4 times like some instructions. Even once is enough).

Then pour in to your cups (quickly at first to get out the foam, then slowly) while making sure that each cup has equal amount of foam.

If you are serving several cups then you might be better off spooning the foam into each cup.

*Including plug converter

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